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A story about the power of unity

Phakamani is a recycled pallet sculptural artwork inspired by the power in the beautiful strength of unity and collaboration for a sustainable future. Phakamani which means rise in IsiZulu, celebrates the rising together of people to share and express one united goal of sustainable growth and taking care of our beloved earth, our mother earth. Phakamani is rising together to become more sustainably conscious and loving as the human race, it represents taking care of our environment and creating art that spreads the message wholeheartedly. We are all responsible and must all sincerely own our power of knowing we can make a difference in any way possible. We are one and so is our beautiful giver of life, earth. May we rise together to protect and create on earth with love, sincerity and Be the Change we seek for today, tomorrow.

by Sifiso Shange

Sifiso Shange is the founder and creative director of Afri Modern, a brand that tells stories through word and art. Raised in KwaZulu-Natal, Shange was immersed in his culture through his experiences as a boy and stories told by his father, mother, grandparents, family, friends and community. Today he retells these stories through modern art and prides himself in the preservation of his culture that is so close to his heart. His past is shared through stories told in the present for future generations through modern art.



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