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Social Responsibility

Although the centre is known for representing fashion and elegance, Sandton City also strives to assist those in need in the surrounding communities. In order to do this, one of Sandton City’s main objectives is to undertake a meaningful corporate social responsibility programme.


Sandton City provides a charity gift-wrapping service in which volunteers wrap gifts with beautiful paper and glitzy ribbon, and all proceeds are donated to a selected charity. In order to make an impact, Sandton City selects one charity a year to support, channeling all funds and efforts to this charity, to make a visible, meaningful contribution. This ensures that we are able to make a significant change in those lives, rather than choosing many charities and only being able to make a small contribution.

With a strong focus on social responsibility and making a difference in our local community, Sandton City is committed to charity. By channeling these efforts, Sandton City is helping thousands of children and families to achieve their dreams and enhance their quality of life.

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